A full stack single-page application.

Slacker is a clone of Slack, a messaging app for teams and workspaces. On Slacker, users can create and join channels and group chats. They can pin messages to a chat, save messages for that only they can see, and reply to messages in a thread. Users can also sign up or log in with Google via OAuth2..

Technologies used:

gif of video recording of slacker, a slack clone

Live chat with websockets

Users can live chat in channels, conversations, and threads.

Channels and Conversations

Users can create new channels. They can also add other users to channels or remove users from a channel. Similarly, Users can use the All DMs tab or New Message button to start new direct messages or group chats. They can also add other users to conversations.


Users can pin messages to a conversation or channel. They can also save messages for themselves and view them later in the the Save items tab.

Gifs and emojis

Users can select from an emoji-library to add emojis to their message text. User can also send giphy messages by typing /giphy [text] into the message text box, to randomly fetch a giphy image related to the text.

Google oauth

Users can log in or sign up with their google account.


Users can search through messages, channels, and people. They can filter their search by clicking on the appropriate category They can also filter their search by starting search queries with @ to search for users and # to search for channels.